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tommorow by cookiesandcream21 tommorow by cookiesandcream21
Iíll save you the pain for tomorrow
It can wait till then
Save your wounded heart that will never mend
Hold your forgotten words the ones you never say
Too many tears cried for this to end now
So donít let your pen stop
Itís what will carry you through; itís what you have to live for
Let your heart heal before it brakes again
Let shallow waters rise before you start again
The power you hold over others is endless if you look beyond the glass
Donít ever doubt the motive you will need to survive
To you your life may mean nothing
But for me it means I have someone to share the pain
Iím not fighting my destiny alone anymore for we share the same one
To wake the dead that walks the earth
To live a dream others have nightmares about
To save what is left of our sane minds
To have power over what is truly ours
To stand on the edge of the world and realize who we are
Iíll save you the pain for tomorrow
If I could take it from you I would
But you have been given an incredible talent for a reason
Look out the window to the world that is forgotten
See the rain the worlds been crying
Hold onto what you love for that is some miracle you have in front of you
Your friends and family will be there always
I will be here always
Iíll save you the pain for tomorrow
For the sky will bleed its tears
And you will be immortal
And I forever your FRIEND

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ebonyshadow Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2006
Very beautiful. I hope your friend realizes it, too.
Lost-In-Transition Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2006
this one is also awesome as hell!
MosaicMoments Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2006
im guessing this is about fathia id like to thinks its about me cos of the line where it says "dont let your pen stop" but i think its not cos fathia might write songs as well. if it is about me i think it is sooo beautiful if its not i think its beautiful anyways.
andel Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2006   Writer
I think that it's gorgeous, i love the way you put the emotion into the eyes, I love it the light reflection n the eyes are amazing. :rose:
cookiesandcream21 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2006
I wrote this for my best friend that i love so very much and im hoping that one day she will realise just how much i love her before its too late
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August 1, 2006
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